Department of Anatomy accepts dead bodies to be used for teaching and research. People willing to donate their body after death must discuss about their wish with their immediate family, doctors, and other relevant people before making the decision. After that one may get oneself registered in the 'Body Donation Program' by sending the duly filled 'Body Donation Form' (attached below). A donor card and “Will” form is also available at the departmental office in Room No.1010 during office hours.

Please inform your family or relevant people that you wish to be a 'whole body donor' and ensure that they also understand the procedure of anatomical donation.

Procedure for "Whole Body Donation":

·         Download the “Body donation” form, and “Will Form” attached below.

·         The forms, duly filled should be returned to:
The Department of Anatomy,
New Delhi 110029.

·         A “Donor Card” with a registration number will be sent to the donor.

·         Unregistered donations may also be accepted by the Department.

·     After the death of the donor, it is the responsibility of the relatives of the deceased to inform the AIIMS about the death.

·    The family and friends of the deceased are requested to bring the body to AIIMS, if the donation is accepted.

·        Please note that the donation of the body may not be accepted, unless it is in a useful condition, at the time of death, for the purpose of medical education/research. For example, if a body is badly damaged in an accident, it will not be suitable for education/research. In addition, bodies with certain contagious diseases, like active TB, hepatitis B, AIDS, tetanus, gas gangrene etc., remain infective during embalming and/or after death. Such bodies are a serious health hazard to the medical students and the staff handling them. Donation of such bodies would not be accepted.

·    It is requested that any relative/friend of the deceased discuss the matter with the departmental faculty at the time of death. After the faculty is satisfied with the information about the cause of death and the condition of the body etc., the donation will be accepted.

·        The body may either be used immediately or preserved for variable periods of time for future use.

·         After full utilization, the remains will be scientifically disposed.

·     If requested, family members may be allowed see the body after donation for up to three days only, after which it is not possible to show the body or handover the remains there of.

·      Hair/nails may be collected at the time of donation only, if desired by the family, for the purpose of any religious rituals.

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