The department provides embalming service for Indian and foreign nationals. Contact numbers: Department: 2659-3216 (during office hours); Duty officer: 2659-3308, 2658 9279; Beyond office hours and on holidays: 9868397557

How to approach: After the death of a person, close relatives of the deceased have to collect the death certificate or postmortem certificate from the hospital or police station. A ‘no objection certificate’(NOC) from police authority is must for all deaths. For foreign nationals, in addition to the death and no objection certificate, a formal request for embalming is required from the head of the embassy. Inspite of all the mentioned requirements being  fulfilled, it is not guaranteed that the body will be accepted for embalming. At the time of embalming the fitness of the dead body is examined by a faculty member of the department. If a body is badly putrefied, it will not be accepted for embalming. In addition, to safeguard the technical personnel against certain contagious diseases, like hepatitis B, AIDS, tetanus, gas gangrene that remain contagious during embalming or after death, embalming is not done. Under such circumstances, the relatives/near and dear ones shall be advised to conduct the last rites in Delhi/NCR in order to avoid the transportation of a potentially hazardous dead body.

The process of embalming takes 3 to 4 hours sometimes and hence it is recommended that relatives do not book flight or train tickets in advance of the the body being embalmed.