Prof. Rima Dada did her MBBS from Delhi University at Maulana Azad Medical College. Thereafter, she joined the MD programme in Anatomy at the University College of Medical Sciences, again under Delhi University. She completed her Senior Residency and her Ph.D. studies in Genetics at AIIMS, New Delhi. Later, she joined AIIMS as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy.

Teaching, Research, Training and Genetic (Human Cytogenetic and Molecular) Diagnostic services Genetic Diagnostic and patient care services:  Both cytogenetic and molecular techniques used for analysis of various genetic disorders eg-  Reproductive disorders (premature ovarian failure, Recurrent spontaneous abortion, various endocrinal disorders, infertility, congenital malformations, Glaucoma, Congenital cataract, BPES,  Retinoblastoma and various hematological disorders and cancers. Also offering Sperm DNA damage and seminal ROS assessment facility to couples with idiopathic infertility and cases with recurrent ART failure.

Research interests: Genetics of reproductive disorders, ocular disorders and various childhood cancers. Also studying impact of lifestyle interventions on markers of aging.

Prof. Rima Dada is on the editorial board of several national and international journals and member of various scientific bodies.She has been awarded several prestigious national and international awards and has several international and national indexed papers and book chapters.


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